Maize Transposable Element Database

Welcome to the Maize transposable element (TE) database.

Curator/Administrator Page

Web-based upload (password protected) For testing, your account name is your email name without the at sign part (except for Jeff, for this use his last name). For example, Rick Westerman's user name is 'westerman' and not ''. You can change your password and other account information via the link below.

Search the database. Only through this interface can you delete a TE.

Update account information & password

User guide (documentation). PDF format. Revised July 2009.

Please send error reports and any comments on how to make the database better to Dave Jacoby (, 765-494-0505 usually from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST)

In addition to error reports, suggestions are extremely welcome. For example, are the 'help' statements or tool-tips useful? Could they be made more clear? As for additions to the database, if you find yourself with extra information that you can not fit into the database (e.g., ORFs?) then let us know and we will make room in the database for this information.